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Patient Portal Instructions Redux

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 // Patient Portal

These are the instructions for retrieving your blood test results from the secure patient portal.

Here is it how it works:

  1. We collect your personal email address and enter that into our computer system
  2. We register you for the Patient Portal and assign you your own unique PIN.
  3. To complete the registration process, log into the CGM PATIENTPORTAL at a. Please use Chrome as the web browser of choice for this site.
  4. The first time you access the Patient Portal, you will be required to “Create your account”, which is where you will need your PIN (noted below). a. If you lose your PIN, you may contact your doctor’s office to have it provided to you.
  5. Select “Create your account”, where you will be asked to enter your PIN, the first three letters of your first name, the first three letters of your last name, and your date of birth. a. NOTE: when creating your account or when using the Forgot Password function are the only two times that you need your PIN. Your password is used for login to the portal.
  6. Click “Next”, and you will be asked to create a password for your Patient Portal account.
    1. Enter a Password that you will remember.
    2. If you forget your password, you may select the “Forgot Password?” link on the homepage of the Patient Portal. i. NOTE: Your doctor’s office will not know your password and will not be able to change it for you. You must use the “Forgot Password?” link to recover your password.
  1. Back at the login screen you will enter the following details to login:
    1. Email Address = your personal email address that you provided to your doctor’s office.
    2. Password = the password you just created.
  1. You now have access to the Patient Portal, and you are on your way to communicating directly, and securely, with your doctor! a. NOTE: You may only send messages from the Patient Portal to someone who has a specific secure email address.

Every time we send you a secure message via the Patient Portal, you will receive a notification in your personal email account. This way, you know when you have something new in your Patient Portal in-box. In these emails sent to your personal account, you are provided with the URL/hyperlink to the Patient Portal. Each time you access the Patient Portal (after your initial login) you are asked to login with your personal email address and your password (the password you entered during account creation at first login).

  • The URL for the Patient Portal is
  • REMEMBER: The Patient Portal is not the place to report to us any emergency concerns. If you are experiencing any emergency, please dial 911. The Patient Portal messages we receive from you will be checked throughout the day on regular business days.
  • We can use the Patient Portal for the following purposes and as applicable:
    • Sending you a summary of your recent office visit
    • Providing you with a URL to review any patient-specific education resources
    • Informing you of other medical items, such as lab results

We look forward to communicating with you on-line!

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