About The Art

Gini Garcia created the glass sculptures in the office.  Gini is a local glass artist with an international reputation.  She comes from a medical family and delighted in the challenge of the project.  She has a glass blowing studio behind the restaurant Azuca in downtown San Antonio.

The shelves which face Jones Maltsberger contain a variety of objects. The top shelf has two goblets which represent socialization.  Human beings don’t exist in a vacuum.  Hermits aren’t healthy and we need a social life in order to be healthy.  The shelf below has glass bar bells which represent exercise.  Exercise is critical to achieving and maintaining health.  A solitary apple fills the second shelf.  This goes to the old maxim of prevention, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  The bottom shelf contains a glass bowl filled with fruit.  Proper diet is an essential component to health.

Recessed in niches in the North wall of the reception room are glass organs: they are illuminated by a fiber optics systems which causes them to constantly change color.  Sometimes they seem to pulse with life.

The final object is a beautiful bi-colored vase filled with flowers.  It represents health.  This is the goal, the end result of a healthy lifestyle. It also symbolized the inexhaustible wish-fulfilling treasure of enlightenment.

Opposite the glass sculptures are four watercolor paintings by Overland Partners architect, Tim Blonkvist.  These works parallel Gini’s in their content and are inspired by the works of America’s foremost medical illustrator, the late Frank Netter.