New Associate: Dr. Jennifer Wallace

Friday, January 23, 2015 // News

When I opened this practice 12 years ago, I designed the space for two physicians. I felt confident that I would locate someone who would be a good match. That didn’t happen, I got used to the quiet along with the patients and staff and I didn’t actively seek another physician. Now, I have finally identified someone who is a good fit. I worked with Dr. Jennifer Wallace in my old practice and she has agreed to come on board starting in the spring of 2015. Dr. Wallace graduated from Texas A+M. She received her medical degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and did her residency there in Internal Medicine. She is board certified in Internal Medicine. She is married, is a stepmother and plays the piano.

She is currently accepting new patients so if you wish to refer a friend or family member to Dr. Wallace, you can call Sieglinde at 210-822-2004. Her email address is [email protected]. Forms are available on this page. She will start April 1st. No fooling. I think having another physician in the office will improve coverage when I am out of town and will allow us to take care of more of our existing patients, families and friends than we would otherwise have been able to.



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  1. Lorraine c. Kircher says:

    Would like info concerning concierge healthcare. Have checked on line and am interested. Understand the membership fee and need info on other fees and procedures.

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